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A cozy, practical children's bed

A refuge in the heart of the bedroom, the children's bed is much more than just a bed. With a cabin bed or a racing car bed, children create their own imaginary world. All our models have been carefully selected to meet the expectations of all dreamers, from infants to teenagers. Whether it's a baby bed, an evolving bed, a trundle bed or a cabin bed, there's a bed structure to suit every world. And for those who swear by their favorite heroes, we offer bed structures bearing their effigies (Hello Kitty, Mickey, Cars...). To optimize the space available in a child's bedroom, there's nothing like a secure, practical mezzanine bed. 14 different colors are available to match children's tastes. Our brand-name mattresses are perfectly adapted to all our bed frames, so that your children can enjoy peaceful, restful nights.La Redoute Intérieurs children's range offers a wide selection of designer and practical beds. Their meticulous manufacture and unfailing quality make them sturdy beds that will accompany your children for many years to come. They cover a wide range of styles, with vintage beds, boat beds and revisited slatted beds. Their practicality has also been tried and tested. Extra beds underneath the children's bed or the sofa bed make it easy to welcome friends. When it comes to comfort, all our designer beds are equipped with a top-quality slat system. But more than just a child's bed, it also frees up extra storage space. Use the space available underneath, with the bed drawer for clothes or the bed box for bulky items and toys, and cleverly save a considerable amount of space!

To sleep well, you need a good bed, and the same goes for your child. But finding the right bed and mattress for your little one is no easy task. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice when buying a new bed for your child.

Find the right model for her

Before investing, it's important to ask yourself the right questions. First and foremost, the space available in the room. Is it particularly small? To give your little one room to move around, and a bed adapted to his or her size without sacrificing play space, why not opt for a high bed? A combination or mezzanine model will offer your child a comfortable space to sleep, but also a play or work area (with desk) underneath. Two toddlers to fit in? Choose a bunk bed. No wasted space. But before you do, check one thing: isn't your child afraid of heights? This type of high bed is recommended for children over 6 years of age.

Does your child want to be independent? If so, choose a bed height that allows him/her to get in and out easily. If the bed base is too high, your child may need help.

The length of the bed can also guide your choice. In general, a children's bed measures 70 x 140 cm. These dimensions are recommended for children up to 6 years of age. Some models can go up to 160 cm and are suitable for "big kids" or those aged between 6 and 8. You can also invest in a single adult bed measuring 90 x 200 cm if your child wants space (or you don't want to change beds and spend too much money). But keep in mind that it's best to offer your child a bed adapted to his or her age. You can then opt for an evolving bed that will follow your toddler for many years to come.

Important criteria

A bed is a frame and a mattress. For the bed frame, choose distinctive materials. Forget MDF fiberboard, which may contain hazardous substances. A solid wood bed is the best choice, even if it's more expensive. As for the mattress, many cribs are sold complete with mattress. Check that it's firm and anti-allergic (anti-mite treated). You can also buy the mattress separately. Opt for a firm or semi-firm mattress to avoid back pain.

The look of the bed is also important. With baby, it was simple: your taste alone was paramount. But now, things have changed and your child has a say. Ask him which bed he likes. Is he a budding adventurer? A cabin bed will put a smile on his face. There are also structures with special shapes (car, boat, unicorn?). So you can create a special world in your child's bedroom. As for the color of the structure, here too you can offer your toddler whatever he likes. Classic white, pretty pastels, more dynamic shades, there's something for everyone.

Finally, if your child already has a lot of things to put away, why not opt for a bed with built-in storage? These can be placed underneath the bed and are particularly practical, as your child can search for (and put away) what he wants on his own. This saves a considerable amount of space in the bedroom, giving your child more room to play.

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