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When it comes to interior design, it's not just furniture and linens that count. Frames and paintings adorn every living space. For an acid pop ambiance, a stylized Andy Warhol-style frame illuminates the living room. For a Zen decor that invites you to travel, consider a landscape or flower photo in the bedroom. For a vintage feel in the kitchen, a frame in weathered wood will add character. Art enhances your interior. It adds depth and perspective to your rooms. It even has the power to enlarge them. In dark rooms, it brightens and warms the atmosphere. But art is also a window, a beautiful escape in the middle of your home. In your interior, art transforms itself into decoration and enhances your rooms. It makes them warmer and more pleasant to live in. In this field, paintings occupy a place of choice. They are the expression of an artist in osmosis with your home. You can't go wrong! All year round, take advantage of our novelties and our low prices, for an artistic decoration always renewed. Whether it's contemporary art, a landscape or an imitation of a masterpiece, the choice is a difficult one. La Redoute offers you a selection of three original triptychs. Each has an original theme. They're sure to delight all budding artists. Some want to take you on a journey. With the New-York tryptique, come and contemplate its sunny skyline on an autumn morning. Magnified observation guaranteed. As for the heart tryptic, it's the artistic counterpart to your love. Look at it lovingly every day, and you'll be thinking of your soulmate, even when she's not around. For a more rustic style, the porthole tryptique transports you to the beaches of the world. Lean back and look through, and maybe you'll feel the breath of the sea.

Paintings are one of the key ingredients in the success of your interior design. It represents art and elegance, and enhances any room in the house, from the living room to the kitchen, from the bedroom to the office. A printed canvas is always a decorative element that integrates and harmonizes perfectly with the decorative elements already in place in a home. It can also be used to liven up your decor with bright, vibrant visuals. What's more, the possibilities offered by this decorative object are virtually unlimited. Discover a selection of paintings and printed canvases without further ado.

A wide choice for every room in the house

A fresh, characteristic living room is much more soothing. A plant-printed wall decoration or an animal representation above the television is the ideal product to promote relaxation. An abstract painting in a frame brings a touch of modernity, originality and depth of field to a narrow hallway. An XXL canvas print of a landscape, such as a waterfall in the forest, covering the entire bedroom wall from above the bed to the ceiling is sure to provide the benefits of a soothing bedtime escape. What would a kitchen be without its metal "kitchen rules" hanging sign? There's also plenty of room for the slate memo board, for jotting down recipes or shopping lists. And if you're a coffee fanatic, why not opt for a decorative coffee cup board? A picture or printed canvas adds depth to the WC and a touch of originality to a room that often lacks both. To put your mind at ease and make your office more conducive to work, opt for a picture on glass or a magnetic board to tidy up your desk and save a little space so you can work in better conditions.

Get your hands on the canvas or painting that will adorn your walls

If your walls remain bare, your interior - even if delicately furnished - risks lacking elegance and personality. Discover a selection of canvases and paintings and make your choice from all the possibilities on offer. You can choose the colors, theme, brand, price or even the French or non-French origin of your future interior design elements. If you dream of getting away from it all and traveling the world, for example, you can choose a printed canvas representing a memorable vacation or a place you'd like to visit. If you prefer animals, you can choose from a range of canvas formats, depicting wild or domestic animals. All themes are available and waiting for you. Make your choice according to your desires and your budget, opt for the delivery that suits you and you'll have the perfect decoration that's sure to delight all members of your family as well as your guests.

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