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Discover our collection of wall decorations to dress up your walls and create an atmosphere according to your preferred style! Choose from thousands of products. Whether you want to give your home a contemporary, art-deco, nature or abstract feel, you're sure to find something to quench your decorative thirst in our product catalog. Do you have beautiful photos of vacations, family or loved ones that you'd like to be able to contemplate as you pass through your living room? If so, why not opt for a Mix'n'Match frame or a wall-mounted photo holder? Your wall will be decorated in the most beautiful way: with memories. Would you like a contemporary ambience? Treat yourself to a magnificent brass mirror, which will enlarge your room and allow you to contemplate yourself. Love industrial style? How about a metal clock? Do you appreciate art? If you want to optimize your space while decorating your walls, then opt for a wall-mounted shelf. There's something for every room in the house: the living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom or nursery, there's something for every room.Forget drab white walls and let your imagination and decorating spirit run wild.

To perfect your decor, focus on details that are sure to transform any house or apartment. Adorn your walls with objects, wallpaper or posters! These accessories subtly enhance interiors and add cachet. It's up to you to find the right products to hang on the walls of your home, to suit your style.

Chic wall objects for a classic ambience

The centerpiece of wall decor is undoubtedly the mirror. Available in a wide range of styles, mirrors have the advantage of enlarging rooms, reflecting light and being beautiful objects. From a trumeau for a Haussmann-style apartment to one adorned with gilded moldings to be placed over a fireplace, from solid mango frames to metal ones, mirrors are perfectly suited to classic interiors.

Ideas for walls in a Scandinavian decor

If you prefer characteristic, warm and simple atmospheres, opt for items made from plant-based materials such as wood. On the walls, hang a soberly designed clock to savor the passing of time, or a frame with your favorite photos. These ornaments add warmth to any home.

A desire for ethnic or bohemian wall decor

For a change from the usual decorations, you can dress up your walls with more unusual objects. A reed fan, a resin ex-voto, a floral wreath or an African mask add originality to an interior like no other. You can also choose to hang small sculptures such as birds, a cardboard dragonfly or the bust of a ferocious animal in wire metal. These pretty reproductions add a touch of whimsy to any room in your home.

Graphic images for a contemporary design environment

A poster printed on paper, carefully selected and framed, embellishes any space. Whether humorous, abstract or signed by a great illustrator, it adds color to a white wall. Likewise, a painting or fine art photograph will tastefully decorate any wall in your home. In this case, you need to place the chosen work of art with particular care, so that it stands out to its best advantage. For example, the living room is often an ideal location for a reproduction of a painting by a great artist. An inspirational slogan, like a mantra, will influence your mood every day, wherever it's placed.

Especially for children, a personalized mural creation

In bedrooms, especially for the little ones, a touch of whimsy is always in order. A sticker in the shape of an animal can brighten up the walls. As for teenagers, a decorative mosaic in the shape of a space invader may suit their personal universe.

So dare to use color! A partition with wallpaper or paint in bright hues transforms a room. On a single wall, this variation helps to structure the room and create attractive, distinct spaces.

Depending on stock, products are available for delivery. The price range remains wide, accessible to all budgets.

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