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Decoration on your terrace with outdoor rugs

Whether you have a balcony, a terrace or a garden, your outdoor space is a real place for living and socializing, like a new room in your home. Would you like to create a Zen or cocooning atmosphere, or add a modern touch to your balcony or terrace? Easily create the atmosphere that suits you best by adding a rug to your garden furniture set. Take your friends on a journey by slipping a round rug with ethnic or exotic motifs such as palm leaves under your patio armchairs. Let yourself be carried away by the relaxing ambience of a rug in soft geometric patterns embellished with a few cushions in your garden for a reading area or siesta. Your children will be delighted to enjoy a outdoor play area walking barefoot on your balcony thanks to the mat. Outdoor rugs are the essential decorative element for your garden, balcony or terrace, creating a new, convivial living space.

A wide choice of outdoor rugs for every style of balcony and terrace

Whatever the size of your outdoor space, you'll find the ideal rug to create the intimate, convivial space that suits you best. Choose the size of your rug, the color that will perfectly match your garden furniture and the atmosphere you wish to create. For an exotic ambience, choose from turquoise blue, reminiscent of the beauty of lagoons, or the brown tones of sea rushes and coconut fibers. All our rugs are made from materials that are perfectly adapted to withstand outdoor conditions: anti-UV treatment, rain-resistant, non-slip and some models are reversible, so you can change your decoration in no time at all.
Your home is your cocoon, and you like to decorate and equip it to make it a pleasure to live in. Why not enjoy the same comfort with an outdoor rug?

Enjoy the sunny days in comfort

It's great to see the sun shining and enjoy the mild temperatures! When the weather's nice, it's always nice to breathe and relax in the fresh air... Are you lucky enough to have an outdoor space, be it a small balcony, a terrace or a garden, and would you like to enjoy the sunny days? For a long time, decorating was all about the inside of our homes, but times are changing!
Today's trends place much greater emphasis on the aesthetics and comfort of your outdoor space, whatever its size. In addition to plants and flowers in the ground and in pots, you can easily find tables for small or large families, chairs, deckchairs and sofas... What better way to perfecting an outdoor living room than to match it with a rug that will make the outdoors as comfortable and cocooning as your interior?

Choose decorations suitable for all weather conditions

Carpet manufacturers have adapted to the outdoor trend, choosing materials that are compatible with all weathers. From doormats to area rugs and terrace coverings, you'll find materials such as rubber, vinyl and polypropylene. The advantage of these materials is that they are easy to maintain (a quick vacuuming or hand-washing is all that's needed), weatherproof and sun-resistant, and often reversible. One of the great advantages of these all-terrain decorative elements is that they're just as suited to your exterior as they are to the interior of your home! In other words, your flat woven rug will add a cozy touch to your garden set, just as it will adorn your dining room with its pretty patterns.
Choose your outdoor rug according to your desires, whatever your intended use and preferred style. From sober shades such as beige or cream to the most flamboyant hues, you'll find the whole range of possible colors in outdoor rugs. For the little ones, bright hues are the order of the day, as are patterns such as the little car courses, which allow them to play without getting dirty. For older children, who want to lounge in comfort on their terrace, enjoy an aperitif with friends on the balcony or a family barbecue in the garden, outdoor rugs are an essential element of well-being. All styles are available, from plain to geometric, bohemian or Scandinavian patterns, or even perfect imitations of tiles or Persian rugs. Knowing that you benefit from free delivery with La Redoute +, the hardest part is choosing yours!

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