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Choosing the right bath sheet

To choose the right bath sheet, you need to pay close attention to the weight and composition of the fabric. With a grammage of at least 500 g/m2, bath sheets are surprisingly thick and comfortable, and resist wear and tear for longer. Soft and absorbent, they are generally made from high-quality pure cotton. Softness tip: the tumble dryer improves the softness of the bath sheet, as does vinegar added to the fabric softener tray of the washing machine as an alternative to chemical softeners. Environmentally conscious people can opt for bamboo bathroom linen. Did you know that bamboo fiber is 4 times more absorbent than cotton?

Bath linen is one of the essential elements for well-being and comfort in your home. Washcloths, sponge towels, shower sheets and bath towels all feature in your wardrobes. La Redoute's catalog includes everything you need for hygiene and the bathroom. Taking care of your body and wrapping your body in a soft, fluffy towel will become a real moment of happiness and well-being.

What's the difference between a towel and a bath sheet?

It's not easy to keep track of all the different towel sizes on offer. In general, the bath towel is the largest piece available. It measures 90×150 cm. It can be made from a variety of materials. Cotton is a must for its softness, strength and ability to withstand high temperatures when machine-washed.

The towelling bath sheet has a high water absorption capacity (on average 1.5 times its weight). It dries the skin gently.

At La Redoute, we pay particular attention to the length of the threads woven into the bath sheet: the tighter they are, the more absorbent they are.

The grammage is also essential. If it's high, you're assured of a comfortable, hard-wearing sheet.

What are the advantages of choosing a bath sheet?

Thanks to its large size, the bath sheet isn't just for the bathroom. In fact, you can use it on the beach as well as at the pool.

You can swaddle inside after a swim to dry your skin and be surrounded by warmth and softness.

Its thickness and softness make it a very comfortable mattress on the sand. What's more, to prevent the proliferation of bacteria, you can wash it at high temperatures. Its cotton or viscose fibers are made to withstand time and repeated use.

Towels for every taste and style

Bath towels come in a variety of designs: plain, colored, jacquard, white or embroidered.

At La Redoute, we take good care of you, which is why we offer free delivery to a relay point for purchases over €29.

Ready to take the plunge? In our catalog, you'll find the right bath towel for every situation!

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