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Children's bath linen

A birth gift to give? Think baby's bathrobe. This children's linen set usually includes a small washcloth, a fancy terry towel or a matching hooded poncho. Good to know: unlike the bathrobe, which fastens like a kimono, the bath poncho slips on at the top. Convenient for wiping up suds after a shower.

Bathing your child is a special moment. To make the most of these precious moments and turn bath time into a cocooning experience, opt for soft, comfortable bath linens. Several items are available, such as a bath cape, a poncho, a bathrobe and the traditional towel. What should you choose for your baby? What criteria should you consider before buying? Here are the essentials.

Children's and baby's bath linen: which bathrobe to choose?

You have several choices for your baby's bath time:

  • towel ;
  • bath cape ;
  • poncho ;
  • the bathrobe.

The age of your child will determine your choice among these different types of bath towels. For your newborn, start with a towel to dry him off, then opt for a bath cape or poncho to wrap him easily from head to toe, thanks to the hood. Your baby is now dry and warm. The poncho has more coverage than the bath cape, and will keep baby snugly wrapped up as he moves about.

The bathrobe is recommended for later, when your child will be walking more easily. You don't want your little adventurer to get his feet caught in it. However, if you do choose a bathrobe, make sure it fits your child and has an elasticated waistband, which is practical and safe.

What size and material should you choose for your child's bath towels?

It's important that the bath seat is neither too small nor too large, so that your baby is comfortable and at ease. There are several sizes available, depending on the model you choose.

Square bathing capes are available:

  • 70 x 70 cm ;
  • 80 x 80 cm ;
  • 100 x 100 cm.

Rectangular bathing capes are also available:

  • 70 x 60 cm
  • 75 x 120 cm.

For babies under 12 months, opt for a 70 x 70 cm square model. From 12 months onwards, opt for a 100 x 100 cm bath cape to cover the whole body.

Ponchos also need to be the right size. Opt for 80 cm up to 12 months and 100 cm up to 3 years. From the age of 3, the bathrobe is the star accessory in your child's bathroom linen. After drying off, your little adventurer can put on his favorite bathrobe and stay warm all over the house. It's also an opportunity for him to have fun and choose a fun model for his greatest pleasure!

Your child's skin is sensitive, especially that of infants, so it's very important to choose soft materials for washcloths and bath towels. A cotton terry bath towel will respect your child's skin while drying him effectively. Cotton muslin is easy to care for and, above all, soft and fluffy. Don't forget the weight, which should be around 400 gr/m2.

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