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Girls' sweatshirts, teenagers' favorite garment

In the children's and teens' clothing range, girls' sweatshirts continue to appeal to all generations. With its casual elegance that never goes out of style, girls' sweatshirts are a hit with girls of all ages. They come in a variety of textures, from cozy fleece to warm, enveloping velvet, not forgetting lightweight, easy-to-wear cotton. Among our selection, the discreetly chic girl's sequin sweatshirt stands out for its soft, plush feel. Wearable with jeans or leggings, the hooded t-shirt girl's sweatshirt remains a firm favorite with trendy youngsters. Very practical in cool weather and a must-have for sports outings, the towel-fabric girls' sweatshirt effectively absorbs moisture after exertion. Printed models stand out for their soft colors. Your children won't be able to do without their favorite outfit, featuring the heroines of the famous film "The Snow Queen". Romantic girls will love the round-neck model, both refined and classic. Fans of soft textures will love the original creations in cotton, a characteristically comfortable material - just what we love!
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