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Bath time is a special time with baby.

For safe paddling, this nursery department offers baby bathtubs adapted to the morphology of toddlers. Bath toys, a fun water mill, a visor for shampooing without stinging the eyes, a baby toiletry set complete with hairbrush, nail clippers and thermometer fish: there's everything you need to take care of children's delicate skin in the bathroom.

Safety and comfort with our Baby Toilet Kits

Because we understand that nothing is more precious than your baby's well-being, we have devoted special attention to the selection of our baby care products. Every toiletry kit we offer has been rigorously tested and approved to ensure your child's safety and comfort. Our strict criteria ensure that every product, from soft brushes to delicate bath creams, meets our high quality standards, so you can look after your baby with complete peace of mind.

Organization and practicality: the advantages of our kits

An organized space for baby care Organization is key when it comes to caring for baby, and our range of toiletry kits meets this need perfectly. The ingenious design of each of our products means that everything has its place, making daily care easier and quicker. Forget the hassle of searching for cream or a misplaced thermometer. With clearly defined compartments and ample space, you'll have everything within easy reach.

Choosing La Redoute for Baby's well-being

The choice of informed parents Read reviews for the best choice Taking care of your baby starts with making the right product choices. To help you do just that, we've put together detailed product sheets with parents' opinions. This feedback will give you honest insight and help you compare for informed decisions, without ever compromising safety or comfort. Prices and delivery options to suit every family. At La Redoute, we know that budget is an important consideration when choosing baby products. That's why we offer a complete range at very competitive prices, often with free delivery. Our online comparator will help you find the best prices, so you can equip yourself without financial constraints.
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