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A coffee table for your living room!

The coffee table is a central element of the living room, and should be chosen with care! You'll find hundreds of references in this La Redoute selection, including your favorite, whether you're looking for a designer or more classic coffee table, a single table or a set of nesting tables to adapt the layout to your everyday needs. For example, if you're entertaining, a nesting table will give you more space and less clutter than you'd normally have. For evenings out, consider bar coffee tables, which provide a 2-in-1 piece of furniture that's ideal for saving space. In apartments and with new lifestyles, coffee tables are also increasingly being used as dining tables. If this is your case, you'll find clever models that bend to your wishes and can be raised or lowered in no time at all. Whatever the style of your interior, models from brands such as Alessi or La Chaise Longue and many others add cachet to your living room. Wood, resin, glass or metal, modern or vintage, there's something for every taste!

The coffee table, like the sofa, is an essential part of your living room. Beyond its aesthetic aspect and the style you wish to give to your interior, it's important to choose its size and functionality carefully, so that your furniture fits perfectly into the space. With over 2000 references at all price levels, you're sure to find the ideal coffee table to entertain your friends and complete your living room universe.

As many styles as materials

Your choice of coffee table material will determine the atmosphere of your living room. Give free rein to your imagination and sensations. Wood, warm and timeless, adapts easily to a cocooning universe or a minimalist decor. Whether light or dark, make sure you don't mix too many different types of wood, or you risk creating a busy environment. Coffee tables can also be used in an industrial style, mixing raw wood and black-painted metal to extend a kitchen, for example, when it's open to the living room. Extremely practical and modern, plastic can be used in a wide variety of colors and designs. If you're looking for a more airy ambience, opt for a glass table. Although more fragile, it remains a safe bet for interior design. Transparent and light, it goes well with both modern and classic styles. It's the perfect touch of elegance for your living room. Many manufacturers also offer tables in more original materials, such as steel, linoleum or cardboard. And marble is making a comeback, adding a sober, uncluttered touch to your interior. Each material has its own maintenance requirements. White plastic is easier to maintain than untreated wood or a glass table, which require more attention. Depending on your intended use, you'll need to factor this criterion into your choice.

Dimensions, shapes and functions of your coffee table

Choose the size and shape of your coffee table according to the space available, always bearing in mind the space needed to move around the room. Whether it's large enough to host aperitif dinners or meal trays, with drawers and flip-up tops for added functionality, or very minimalist to simply complement your living room décor, the choice depends on your lifestyle. The round shape is very appropriate for a fairly large room, as it will occupy the central space and be surrounded by the other furniture. If you're short on space, nesting tables may be a solution, as their modularity is so extensive. The rectangular shape is the most common, often with two superimposed tops for practical storage. This shape works well with a corner sofa and, when long and slender, provides support for all guests without taking up too much space. Square tables add character to your living room with their solid, solid appearance. Simply choose the size of the tabletop surface according to the room and other furniture, so that it fits in perfectly with your decor.

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