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The table is a central element in any home. Whether rustic, designer, wood, metal or glass, there's a table to suit every style and taste. The table is a symbol of conviviality, family gatherings and festive meals. Dining room tables, kitchen tables, high tables or occasional tables, large or small, this piece of furniture is an essential part of everyday life. Useful and practical, they deserve a place of choice and special care when it comes to buying the one that will become the centerpiece of your interior design. Our La Redoute catalog offers a multitude of tables for every use and every need.

What style of table for my home?

Choosing a table is always a tricky business, especially as the rest of your decorating scheme will revolve around this element. The first criterion to take into account is the number of guests who will sit around the table every day. For large tables, La Redoute offers a whole range of extendable tables with extensions.

Then it's time to consider the space available for your table. For small spaces, a 2-top kitchen table will be ideal.

If you're lucky enough to have a large living room, a dining table that seats 6 will grace your home with elegance.

How to choose the material for your table?

The material of your table is also important. Beyond the purely aesthetic aspect, certain materials are better suited to your daily use.

From the traditional solid oak table, which is extremely sturdy, to the glass or wrought-iron table, La Redoute offers a wide range of models.

  • Wooden tables are sturdy and easy to maintain. It's ideal for rustic or sober decor and for everyday use.
  • Glass tables add a touch of sophistication and light to any room. Although beautiful, glass tables are more delicate and can scratch.
  • The concrete table is just the thing for industrial-style decor and large spaces.
  • A metal or stainless steel table is resolutely modern and contemporary. However, like glass, metal tables can be prone to scratches.
  • The plastic table, in black or white, will find its place in a dining area of your garden or terrace.

La Redoute's advantages

Thanks to the La Redoute + advantages, you can enjoy free delivery of your order as well as discounts and even better prices.

Still not sure? We've carefully listed the customer reviews for each of our products. This information will help you make the right choice for your table.

What is the best table material? Round or folding table?

Round, square and rectangular tables are made from a variety of materials, including oak, solid pine, steel and glass. It's best to opt for sturdy materials for heavy-duty tables, such as in the kitchen or living room. Choose designer models for coffee tables or TV stands. Folding tables, extension tables or models with removable legs are practical for family events or unexpected visits, useful both indoors and outdoors, when the number of guests exceeds the capacity of permanent furniture, etc.
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