Feet of bed bases

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Wooden or metal base legs

Online sales of box spring legs to support bedding and decorate the bedroom. Legs for wooden, square, round or oval box springs: a box spring leg for every style of bedroom. This online bedding store offers decorative accessories for bed frames and box springs. Universal box spring feet sold in packs of 4, with home delivery.

The box spring foot is an unobtrusive accessory for your bedroom, but indispensable for everyday use. They reinforce the bed base and ensure long-term stability. What's more, the four legs allow the sleeper to adapt his or her height and build to the height of the bed. Assembly is child's play and requires no assembly instructions.

By raising the bedding, footboards ensure good ventilation of the sleeping system. They also help prevent the proliferation of dust mites. Their shape can simplify handling when remaking the bed. So anyone suffering from low back pain or short stature will find a model and foot height to make life easier.

What height bed base should I choose?

If you have children, it's best to choose low bed legs. They are a guarantee of safety in the event of a hypothetical fall. Cylindrical in shape, they prevent children from injuring themselves when playing close to their bedding. Solid beechwood legs are more resistant to knocks from toddlers.

For bedrooms located under attics or mezzanines, it's important to avoid banging your head when getting up. Low footboards will ensure you wake up without any surprises!

As a general rule, the correct bed height is between 50 and 55 cm from the floor. To be sure, it's best to perform this simple test. Sit on the edge of the mattress and place your bare feet flat on the floor. Currently, three types of foot height are available for delivery:

  • Between 7.5 and 9.9 cm for children, short people, and spaces with restricted height (attics, mezzanine, etc.).
  • Between 15 and 17 cm for a standard bedding size.
  • 20 cm legs for a taller person, or to slide storage boxes under the bed. Also for a slatted frame reinforced by an adjustable central foot.

Caution! A foot size that's too low means extra effort when standing up. This is particularly true for the elderly and/or disabled. Conversely, feet that are too high make access more difficult for certain types of sleeper (children, the disabled, etc.).

The shape of the footboard should not be overlooked

The shape of the legs plays more than just an aesthetic role in your bedroom. It also ensures the bed's stability. A set of four wide-diameter legs will prevent the bed from creaking over time. Narrow legs can damage the floor and cause the bed to rock incessantly. A round shape is preferable for children, to make the bed easier to remake. Curved shapes (ball or cylinder) also add a touch of softness to the bedroom. Square or spindle-shaped legs in white or black are more traditional in style. Stainless steel and metal are more contemporary or modern.

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