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Slatted bed base

The slatted bed base is renowned for its durability and comfort. Rather firmer than a sprung base, it works equally well with a latex or memory foam mattress. A slatted bed base can be upholstered or with exposed slats. Covered with a fabric called coutil, the box spring with slats provides quality support, but with less ventilation. Some box springs are built-in, while others require box spring feet at the 4 corners of the bed.

While the bed and mattress are important components of any bed, the box spring is also an important element in extending the life of your mattress. It prevents your mattress from deforming under the weight of the sleeper, and provides good ventilation, protecting you from bacteria and mold. At La Redoute, we offer a range of box springs to suit all types of sleeper. From box springs to slatted bases, with springs or adjustable for relaxation, our catalog has the perfect base for your dream nights.

A base that protects your bed

The wooden slatted bed base is a particularly hard-wearing product in the world of bedding. The slats are arranged at equal distances from each other, allowing the weight of the mattress and sleeper to rest evenly. What's more, wooden slats allow the mattress to breathe, preventing it from deteriorating too quickly and becoming prone to dust mites, mold and mildew. By wicking away moisture and absorbing around 1/3 of the pressure exerted on the mattress, the slat base invites you to enjoy a good night's rest.

Ensure your comfort

It's important to know that many mattress manufacturers only insure their products if they are supported by a slatted base. That's why La Redoute offers you a wide range of slatted bed bases to suit your sleeping needs. In addition to different widths, you'll find slatted bases on legs, slatted bases to be inserted into a bed frame or even slatted bases with storage boxes. Our slatted bed bases can take all types of mattress, whatever the suspension system, unlike box springs, for example. What's more, maintenance is quick and easy. Just vacuum from time to time, and you're done!

Choosing the right slat base

To make sure you choose the bed base best suited to your needs, you can use a product comparator. Before you buy, La Redoute invites you to carefully read the product description. You'll also find all its features and dimensions. However, the slatted bed base is an almost universal item that adapts to all sleeper profiles and ages. You're sure to make the right choice for your sleep and comfort.

All the expertise of La Redoute for your slatted bed base

Because at La Redoute, we believe that everyone should be able to furnish their home without breaking the bank, we offer beautiful, high-quality products at very competitive prices. What's more, by subscribing to La Redoute + offers, you benefit from numerous advantages all year round, such as discounts, free delivery of your box spring and trade-in of your old one.

Ready to spend dreamy nights on your brand new slatted base?

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