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Slatted or sprung base, which to choose?

Choosing a bed base is generally done in combination with the mattress to determine the bed's firmness and flexibility. The most commonly used is the slatted base. Spring bases are sometimes preferred for their elasticity. The electric box spring is the most comfortable, ideal for relaxation. Bed bases can be free-standing or floor-standing, depending on whether you're looking for practicality or aesthetics. Futon bed bases, for example, are smaller and very close to the floor, offering a more modern touch to the bedroom. La Redoute, the leading fashion and decoration website, all the latest bedding trends:

Your bed base needs just as much attention as your mattress. These two elements complement each other to ensure the quality of your night's sleep. Depending on your needs in terms of rigidity, flexibility, ventilation or storage, there are several possibilities. You can opt for a slatted, sprung or electric design. Height and practicality are also criteria to consider.

Passive or active slatted bed bases

The slatted bed base has the advantage of being adaptable to different beddings. However, it is not recommended for use with sprung beds. If you prefer a firm texture to enhance your sleep, opt for rigid slats, also known as passive slats. The thickness of these provides a fixed support, which appeals to people who prefer to sleep on their backs. For greater malleability, turn to flexible slats, also known as active. Their curved shape, often accompanied by a lumbar support, suits side sleepers.

Box springs

The springs offer a softer welcome than traditional slats. The biconical model is renowned for its flexibility, but lacks support. Avoid them if you suffer from back pain. Bagged technology is a good alternative between comfort and firmness. A high number of springs means better posture for the body. Please note that this frame should only be used in conjunction with a mattress of the same type.

Upholstered or exposed bed bases

Whether slatted or sprung, the bed base can be upholstered. In other words, it's covered with a ticking. Aesthetically pleasing thanks to the many finishes available, it also contributes to the longevity of your mattress. The coating prevents friction with the wooden slats. However, the fabric must be ventilated to provide the necessary air circulation. The best solution for optimum ventilation is to use exposed slats. The disadvantage is direct contact with your diaper, which can potentially damage it.

Manual or electric relaxation bedsprings

The relaxation slat base lets you make adjustments down to the smallest detail. Being as flexible as you like, it's ideal if you suffer from blood circulation problems in particular. You can raise the backrest, lower the legs or adjust the body support to the area you desire. The structure can be slatted or studded, the difference being in firmness and sleeping independence.

Box springs

If you need extra storage, opt for a box spring. This gives you a discreet storage area integrated into your furniture. If lack of space is the main reason for your purchase, the trundle format is the ideal solution. Thanks to its frame, often fitted with castors, it's easy to store and allows you to welcome a guest even in a room with limited space.

The dimensions of your box spring should match those of your bedding. As for height, you can either set your bed close to the floor, as in the Japanese style, or raise it with legs. Legs are available in wood, brushed steel or plastic, and in rectangular, square or rounded shapes. They come in a range of sizes, and the larger the space between the mattress and the floor, the better the ventilation.

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