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Are you moving into your new home for the first time, or do you simply need a new set of matching plates to dress up your table? Would you like to have a collection of plates that is no longer mismatched and outdated?

The low price of these products has the advantage of allowing you to change crockery as you please. There's something for every taste, in every color.

A beautiful set of plates: how chic!

France is the country of gastronomy and gourmets par excellence. Although the plate has existed as a tableware item since antiquity, it wasn't until the 16th century that its use developed and became more widespread under the influence of the Italian Renaissance.

The plate has become an essential part of the dinner service, with flat plates for main courses, soup plates for soups and, of course, dessert plates for sweet treats.

Nowadays, the plate is an integral part of the dish. It's no longer just practical, but its color, material and shape must highlight the delicious meal it contains. The art of the table is a veritable institution that everyone can bring into their homes, around a warm meal.

Even a simple black or white plate can make all the difference.

What material should I choose for my plates?

Porcelain, stoneware, earthenware, glass: the dinner plate comes in a variety of materials, each with its own advantages.

Porcelain, stoneware and earthenware are all derived from ceramics.

  • Stoneware is the most rustic of all materials, with its raw appearance. It is the most solid and resistant material.

  • Porcelain is finer, more delicate and translucent. It can remain white or be painted, and is the most commonly used material.

  • Earthenware is the noblest material, but also the most fragile. Generally speaking, earthenware plates are collector's items.

  • Glass, wood and slate are increasingly popular plate materials, adding a modern touch to your dinner service.

The catalog offers all kinds of assorted sets of plates, so you can create a service that's just right for you.

Traditional or resolutely modern, your new plates are already waiting for you in this selection of the finest products.

Pretty dishes, but not only!

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