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Water and wine glasses

The choice of glass influences the perception of a drink's quality. A cocktail is best served in a tall glass, while a fine wine is best served in a wide-cut stemmed glass. To set the table correctly, place glasses in descending order. From left to right: water glass, red wine glass, white wine glass or champagne flute. For an elegant table setting, don't neglect the appearance of the water glass. There are a multitude of simple yet elegant models to choose from. For families, choose patterned or colored glasses to delight the children.

Glass is an indispensable part of our daily lives. Each glass has its own specific use. From the everyday glass for water to the elegant stemmed glass to set on a beautiful tablecloth, material, shape and even color are all important.

The selection is vast, and depending on your needs and desires, the range of glasses available on the La Redoute website is extensive. Which glass to choose?

Glass characteristics

Glass is made by mixing silica (sand) with lime or soda. Then, after lowering the temperature, water is added and heated to 1,550 degrees.

The resulting hard, transparent material can be used to make pots, bottles, glasses or works of art. The plasticity of the material means it can be used in a wide variety of creative ways.

Robust yet breakable, this material is widely used to make the glasses we drink from every day.

A wide range of models to choose from

From tumblers for everyday use to crystal stemware for special occasions, each glass has its own design and purpose.

A shape for a job

Water glasses: simple shapes, straight or round, high or low, the products are numerous. You can buy them in sets of 4 or 6, for everyday drinking or to accompany your finest wine glasses and tableware.

Wine stemware: for red and white wines, the choice is yours. Some are very round, while others are tulip-shaped. The most important thing is to find the shape you like.

Champagne flute: you'll also find glasses for enjoying champagne. The shape of the flute is the most appropriate for enjoying it. Here too, the options are numerous: very fine, round or square flutes.

Strong-alcohol glasses: whisky, vodka and cognac are drunk from special glasses. On this site, you'll find a range of glasses, sold in sets, which may be just what you're looking for.

Glass color and appearance

Depending on your tastes, you'll find the right glass or glasses for you. Once you've decided on its purpose and use, you'll need to select the color: transparent white, red, green or with gold edging.

The appearance of the glass is also important. Glass allows for all kinds of possibilities, and some types come in chiselled, ribbed, blown or tempered, etc. looks.

Choosing a water glass or champagne flute is an essential moment. Glasses can be used for ceremonial occasions, family dinners and everyday meals. They must please you, and you must have several to use according to the occasion. On the site, you'll find a considerable selection at all price levels, so all you have to do is validate your basket and enjoy quality glasses.

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