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Breakfast is said to be the most important moment of the day. Croissants, toast, tea or coffee are the great favorites of this special moment. It's a good idea to add that breakfast is even more enjoyable when accompanied by attractive crockery, which is why there's such a wide range of beautiful cups, mugs and bowls. You'll find top-quality products, in sets or individually, at truly exceptional prices for breakfasts at the top of their game!

Mug, cup, bowl... what's the difference?

If the difference between a bowl and a mug or a bowl and a mug seems fairly obvious, the mug and the cup can have quite similar functions.

The bowl is a container that can hold a larger volume of liquid than the previous two. It is ideal for coffee with milk, hot chocolate or breakfast cereals.

The cup is the smallest of the three containers. It usually has a handle and comes with a saucer. Most often made of porcelain, it retains the heat of the liquids it contains.

The saucer catches any drops of drink that escape from the cup, and holds spoons, sugar and sweets. It also insulates the table from the heat emanating from the cup.

Finally, the mug is somewhere between a cup and a bowl. It's a tall, cylindrical mug. In the past, it was used mainly in North America for drinking coffee, but today its use has been democratized.

More modern and contemporary than the mug, the mug is often made from a variety of materials (stoneware, glass), with or without a handle, and with colorful or quirky motifs.

What material should I use for my breakfast dishes?

There are three main materials for tableware: porcelain, glass and stoneware.

Porcelain is highly resistant to thermal and mechanical shock. It can be painted with floral details or left pristine white.

Stoneware is a rougher, more rustic material. Also widely used, it is resistant and dishwasher-safe. Stoneware bowls and mugs are becoming increasingly popular.

Glass, a highly transparent and luminous material, is particularly aesthetic. The only drawback is that it conducts heat. So beware of the risk of burning yourself when picking up your container!

Crockery to match my decor

Crockery is no longer just a practical item, it has become a genuine decorative accessory for the art of the table.

You can choose a matching set in white or black, for a chic, sober style. Red or colored dinnerware, on the other hand, lets you show off your personality and unlimited creativity.

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