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Children's lighting

Light fixtures add the finishing touch to children's bedrooms. From a Hello Kitty bedside lamp with pink shade to a ceiling light in the shape of a wooden plane for a little boy's bedroom, this online store offers a wide selection of lighting for children of all ages. From the Cars wall lamp to the Oui-Oui pendant, children's lamps reassure little ones when they're afraid of the dark.

If there's one room you want to be soft and cosy, it's your child's bedroom. With its comfy bed, cozy linens and decorative furniture, you've got it all covered. But it's not so easy to choose the right lighting fixtures for your child's little cocoon. An essential element in any self-respecting room, it must guarantee safety while being both playful and functional.

Safe light

In a room dedicated to children, good lighting is above all reliable lighting in terms of safety. That's why you'll want to make sure your lighting complies with NF standards. As your toddler's space is also a place for fun, don't forget to check regularly that cables, switches and connections have not been damaged by his choreographies and other games of hide-and-seek.

But there are other criteria to consider when it comes to safety. First of all, it's advisable to opt for a light of moderate intensity to preserve your child's vision and avoid dazzling him or her. Next, make sure that the bulb is inaccessible to curious little hands, to avoid any risk of burns. Finally, to avoid injury, it's best to use plastic LED bulbs, which are more shock-resistant than glass ones.

Playful lighting to match

Whether you're the parent of a baby or a teenager, you're sure to find what you're looking for in our wide range of products, at all prices and available for delivery. Illuminated boxes with messages and motifs in the colors of Paris, London or New York will appeal to older children, while fairies, unicorns, mermaids, pirates and dinosaurs will stimulate the imagination of younger ones.

And why not give a nod to your passion with the many themes represented, such as dance, music or vehicles, or create a poetic universe by choosing a luminaire in the shape of an animal, a pink flower, clouds or stars?

You can also opt for harmony, with a wide variety of colors and materials (textiles, wicker, bamboo, wood, metal) to match the room's walls and furniture.

Lighting for every space

Whatever the age of your little ones, functional lighting requires several light sources adapted to their different activities. For general lighting that illuminates the whole room, pendant and ceiling lights are particularly recommended.

For a cozier atmosphere at bedtime, a wall lamp or bedside lamp with a lampshade will provide soft light for cuddling or reading. Afraid of the dark? Nightlights are still a must-have for the little ones. Plug-in or cordless, it will diffuse its warm, reassuring light all night long.

Finally, consider table or clip-on lamps, which provide localized lighting for your little schoolchild's work area. To help him do his homework in the best possible conditions, choose a neutral white light, more conducive to concentration.

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