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Lamps light up your home

In addition to their color, you can decide on their shape and material to harmonize the decoration of the room as a whole. Above all, you need to ensure the right proportionality between the size and the base of the designer lamp. Otherwise, the choice of colors depends on the mood you want to set in the room, and the style depends essentially on the shape of your lamp.

If there's one ubiquitous object in the home, it's the lamp. They are everywhere, in most rooms. You'll find it on a console in the hallway, on a side table in the living room, or on the sideboard in the dining room. And that's not all: the office or bedroom are also among its favorite vacation spots. Useful and aesthetic, the wide variety of styles makes it an obvious decorative element. Well chosen, it can be the ultimate touch to your decor, the little extra that makes all the difference. By opting for a more exceptional item, you can give your décor an assertive character that grabs the attention of your visitors while charming you on a daily basis.

A matter of style

To be successful, decoration must be coherent. Once you've established and identified your universe, it will be easier to choose your lamp. For a bohemian style, opt for lampshades made from characteristic materials such as bamboo, hemp and raffia. They have the advantage of diffusing a soft, subdued light that will add a warm note to your interior. And don't forget trendy cane. If your environment is more industrial, choose metal bases. Perhaps you're a fan of Art Deco. In this case, lamps in brass and striated glass will be perfect as bedside lamps. If you prefer contemporary or Scandinavian, lamp bases in characteristic wood or marble are perfect. The room in which the object is to be used is also essential in choosing the right lighting to combine comfort for the eyes and aesthetics. For a child's bedroom, for example, LED nightlights in the shape of animals or characters are ideal for diffusing a soft, reassuring light that is conducive to sleep. With a spotlight model, you can illuminate walls and ceilings with stars, plunging your child into dreams. For older children, message light boxes are a big hit. The hardest part is choosing.

Design first

Now conceived as a decorative object in its own right, the lamp is a favorite of designers from all horizons. The selection focuses on design and originality. Black or white sculpted resin models in the shape of a bird or a monkey immediately catch the eye, adding a playful, offbeat touch to your decor. Why not succumb to a cult object of Italian design with a lamp with a wavy shade reminiscent of a bat? It's sure to be an eye-catching piece that will leave no one indifferent. Lamps with gilded bases in the shape of animals protruding from the lampshade are equally singular. Rabbit ears or giraffe heads are characteristically eye-catching. Or you may prefer the sleek design of lamps featuring a simple globe of light on a metal base. The range is rich and eclectic. Design lovers, you're sure to find the item of your dreams.

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