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A ceiling light is a type of lighting fixture that attaches to the ceiling. Also known as suspension lighting, it automatically enhances the room in which it is installed. Decorative and chic, it plays a vital role in lighting the home, diffusing a more or less pronounced light. It sets the mood of the room. In addition to style, the criteria for choice are the size of the room to be lit and the type of lighting. Indeed, the degree of light intensity you need will define the type of bulb and its wattage, and therefore the type of luminaire you need. If you have a room with a low ceiling, choose a small, recessed ceiling light such as a spotlight, or a fixture suspended over a table. For a large room with a high ceiling, choose a fancy chandelier, a cluster design ceiling light or a pendant light to give your room a decorative touch. Different materials are available: metallic, glass, with lampshade, paper... Other important criteria: the choice of LED lighting or not, the diameter of the ceiling light, the shape and diffusion of the light.

Enhance your interior with a ceiling light

Are you looking for a ceiling light to enhance your interior design? This ceiling-mounted fixture isn't chosen by chance. There are several criteria to consider. First of all, style. Do you want a designer ceiling light or a more classic, contemporary or rustic style? What shape and room will it light? Whatever the room: bedroom, dining room, living room, bathroom or kitchen, you also need to consider the material you want for your ceiling light: glass, wood, metal, plastic or opaline? Two more questions to ask yourself. First: what type of lighting will be used? Halogen or incandescent? Halogen lamps are ideal for living rooms, providing a soft, continuous light, whereas incandescent lighting, which is instantaneous, is better suited to a hallway. Finally, consider the size of the room to ensure the best possible lighting. That's a lot of questions, and we'd like to guide you as best we can in your purchase, to ensure that the result will meet your expectations. Please take the time to answer each one in detail.

How to choose the right ceiling light?

You've answered the various questions, but one piece of information remains unanswered: the size of the ceiling light. This depends on the size of the room to be lit. Remember that rooms over 20m² require a large ceiling light, XXL in size, with a minimum diameter of 50 cm. For small areas such as toilets, a 30 cm model is more than sufficient. For a room of 20 m², a 40-45 cm ceiling light is best for good lighting. Discover our wide range of ceiling lights. Whatever your lighting fixtures - lamps, pendant lights, chandeliers, ceiling lights and even small lamps - remember to use low-energy bulbs to save energy.
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