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Door wedge

Very useful in winter, the door sweep, also known as an insulating doorstop, can become a decorative object. The foam-padded fabric door sweep sits flush with the floor and fills the gap through which outside air rushes in. It also limits dust ingress. Less aesthetically pleasing, but just as effective, the pivoting door sweep can be fixed to any type of material, whether opening from the right or left.

The door curtain or door cushion is both a useful and decorative element. To suit every taste, door type and interior design, the door curtain comes in all shapes and colors. Let's discover 4 good reasons to adopt door sills in your home.

The door curtain: the perfect light insulator

Some doors may have a gap between the bottom of the door and the floor. This allows light from outside, or from an adjacent room's lighting, to seep through. While this may not be a problem in a kitchen or bathroom, it can be much more unpleasant in a bedroom. Low-angled light can disturb the sleeper, causing poor-quality sleep, especially in the case of younger children, by creating a play of shadows that can frighten them. The installation of a double door sill completely blocks the passage of light, creating an environment conducive to falling asleep and resting.

No more draughts thanks to the door cushion

The door curtain, double or single-sided, is an excellent insulator against cold seeping under doors. It acts as a protective barrier against draughts and dust from outside, or from rooms such as the garage, cellar or laundry room. Better sealed, your home will maintain an ideal temperature, thus avoiding additional energy costs and higher bills. It also acts as an insulating seal against insects and pests. Spiders, centipedes and other bugs will stay outside the room, trapped by the door cushion. Don't hesitate to install your door pads on windows too. This will significantly reduce noise pollution and outside noise.

Door flanges for multiple uses

Door cushions are generally available in two materials - fabric and silicone - each with its own specific characteristics.

The fabric door curtain

There are as many fabric door blanks as there are colors and patterns. White, black, with stars or cats, the fabric boudin adapts to your every whim. They're easy to care for, even in the washing machine.

The silicone door bumper

This door curtain adheres to all types of floor to provide perfect insulation. It's easy to install, designed to be moisture-resistant and highly effective at repelling pests and crawling insects.

A touch of decoration

The door sill is not just a practical and useful element. Door sills can be perfectly integrated into your interior design. There are fancy door sills in the shape of animals, and others that are more classic and streamlined.

Preferably, always choose a wool door flange for excellent thermal insulation and easy installation thanks to an automatic seal to be installed on the bottom of the door (using screws or double-sided adhesive tape).

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