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Glass, ceramic or metal vase and indoor pot cover

Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthday: any occasion is a good one for receiving flowers. To honor this charming attention, the bouquet should be arranged in a pretty vase. Transparent glass vase, round vase for ball bouquets, deco vase with original design, large ceramic vase: this online decoration boutique has a collection of vases for all interior styles. Careful delivery of fragile items within 48 to 72 hours.

It's no secret that plants bring life and purity to your home: drooping or climbing, green or flowering, large or small, they have multiple virtues and are as soothing as they are decorative. It's very important to take care of them: prune them, treat them, water them, protect them, pamper them... In short, you've got to love them! But that's not all. Because they love to be showcased. And what if your little protégés were to "pot neuf"? You'll find everything you need on this page if you've decided to give them a second lease of life. This could be the opportunity to add a touch of decoration to your home!

A veritable festival of materials

When it comes to pots and planters, all tastes are catered for, quite literally. That's why you can choose from a wide range of textures that are themselves invitations to travel: ceramic, rattan, earthenware, mango, metal, rubber, stoneware, raffia, amber, resin or bamboo... You can give your small indoor garden an exotic touch, or opt for a more traditional decor. Don't be afraid to play with different elements: free-standing, table-top, wall-mounted or suspended... There are also many glass models (recycled or not) offering a wide range of shapes and sizes in sober, balanced ranges.

A wide range of colors

To feel at home, it's essential that your planter or potted plant matches the spirit of your home. Do you live surrounded by bright colors or, on the contrary, by characteristic, sober tones? Do you prefer the authenticity of a seaside atmosphere or the sleek design of an industrial setting? You can play with the purity of white, the infinity of black, the energy of red, the softness of green, the cheerfulness of yellow... You can also create a uniform, monochrome environment, or, on the contrary, vary the pleasures and colors to give character to your world and let your imagination run wild.

A reliable and efficient control system

With online ordering, you can make your choice with complete peace of mind and compare a wide range of products. Thanks to a clear, detailed description, you'll find what's best for you, your plant and your personality. Prices are clearly displayed, so you can treat yourself whatever your budget. Several delivery options are available, and shipments are always protected and carefully packaged to ensure that your purchase arrives in perfect condition, whether it's a tiny metal wall lamp or a large rustic terracotta jar. Everything is done to simplify your life and provide you with quality references. So one thing's for sure: if you click here, your flowers will be even more beautiful!

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