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When it comes to interior design, sensory perception is of paramount importance! That's why candles and home fragrances are such an integral part of your home's ambience. Both for the warmth these accessories bring to your interior living space, and for your daily well-being.

Candles: the sensory detail of your interior design

More than just interior objects, candles are the very essence of your living space! Whether scentless or scented, candles create a warm, intimate atmosphere.

The scentless candle, placed in a candle jar or on a candlestick, lets you enjoy its soothing glow. The scented candle, on the other hand, scents your home with a warm, sweet fragrance. You can choose between a scented candle in a box, which lets you discover several fragrances, or a soy wax jar, which provides an olfactory ambience.

Candles can be found in every room of your home, for everyday use and for every festive occasion of the year!

Candleholders, candlesticks and candle-holders: a must-have accessory!

To protect your furniture, the candle jar or candlestick can be subtly integrated into your interior decor, whatever the style.

The photophore takes the form of a decorative bowl in which you simply place your candle. In terms of size and color, it's best to choose a candle jar with a larger diameter than the candle itself. This allows the wax to flow freely inside the holder.

As for candleholders, they add a baroque touch to your home! Placed on a base, each of your candles is arranged like a candle on this highly decorative object. You can then place your candlestick on a piece of furniture in the living room, in the entrance hall, or even in the bedroom to create a romantic atmosphere.

Home fragrance: the scent of your living space

The fragrance of your home is the intimate scent of your living space. For variety, place scented bouquets or perfume burners on the console in the entrance hall. You can also place a perfume diffuser in a corner of your living room, whose scents will diffuse evenly throughout the room. For bedrooms, choose a scented mist. Light and pleasant, its scent is both discreet and invigorating. In bathrooms and washrooms, opt for refillable sprays to add freshness and lightness! As for incense sticks or essential oil diffusers, these have a long-lasting effect in your home, spreading solid, relaxing scents.

And, in order to eliminate cooking or tobacco odors once and for all, some lamps have the advantage of being rechargeable. These catalysts destroy the molecules responsible for unpleasant odors, leaving the air perfectly purified and pleasant!

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