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The functions of a step-down mat

The texture of the carpet must keep pests out and dust out of the room. This is important to avoid the risk of allergies and to protect the room in which you sleep. Comfortable materials such as cotton, and warm, pleasant-to-the-touch materials are softer on bare feet. A wide choice of light colors and simple patterns for a gentle awakening.

Bed rails can be placed on the floor, on the sides or near the top of the bed. They are highly appreciated for their decorative touch, but also for the comfort they bring. No more feet on a cold floor early in the morning, and you'll wake up all the better for it. A wide choice of patterns, materials and styles will enable you to match your bedspreads to your bedroom interior, whether it's a master suite or a children's room.

The decorative advantage of bed rails

The floor of your bedroom also needs its own decoration. This room is the guarantor of your sleep, and it's important to have a cocooning, enveloping atmosphere for better relaxation. Bed runners allow you to take care of the decoration and immerse yourself in a soft, well-kept universe. You can consider these mini rugs as accessories, and therefore dare to use sparkling colors or modern materials such as pile. From the smallest to the largest, round, rectangular or square, the choice is yours. Some downs also come with finishing touches like bangs at the ends for added originality. The designs are endless, and you'll find what you're looking for among flowers, animals for toddlers, geometric or contemporary motifs. Color contrasts such as black and white bring a modern touch to your bedroom. Neutral and plain designs go with any decor and make it easy for you to harmonize colors.

The comfort aspect of bed rails

The first pleasure is visual, the second is sensory. It's much more pleasant to feel a soft, warm material under your feet than cold tiles or worn carpet. Particularly in the morning, when waking up is difficult. Long pile models will be much appreciated by your feet for their softness and depth. If you're sensitive to dust mites, opt for a low-pile or jute model and you won't be bothered by dust.Children 's bedside rugs can be transformed into play mats, so they don't have to come into direct contact with the floor, which is usually cold. Their format means they can be machine-washed for regular cleaning, to keep them healthy and fragrant. The softness will be preserved by regularly vacuuming your bedspreads to restore volume to the threads of your carpet. Of course, shoes are not welcome!

All that's left is to choose the ideal model for your interior. You can order the same two bedspreads for the same room, or dare to be original by choosing different models. For those of you who prefer a cocooning atmosphere, install a third bed rail at the bottom of your bed. This way, you'll be sure to avoid the coldness of your floor when you wake up or go to bed!

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