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The primary function of a carpet is to decorate.

Walkways are often less attractively decorated, and a colorful walkway mat will compensate for this. A walkway mat also protects the floor from dirt and slips. Should this happen, the mat will cushion the fall. Stair carpeting can also act as a thermal insulator, bringing a softer feel to the environment.

Does your home have a long corridor and you'd like to dress it up with talent to make it a pleasant place? Have you considered a hallway rug? This rectangular model is specifically adapted to these rooms, adding a touch of elegance without complicating life. Provided, of course, that you choose it with care.

The perfect hallway rug for your home

Tired of that long, drab hallway without a hint of style? We've got the solution! Choose a hallway rug. This model is ideal for a long, narrow space. Its shape adapts perfectly to these particular dimensions.

Whatever floor covering you choose, this carpet will add that missing touch to your home. But before succumbing to an unusual model, it's important to check one thing: the model's resistance. After all, we often pass through a corridor. And that's obviously going to play a big part in your choice of the ideal rug. If your hallway gets a lot of use, it's best to choose a fabric that's hard-wearing, washable and easy to care for. Cotton is a good choice, as it's easy to wash and, depending on the weave (the tighter the weave), very strong. Characteristic fibers (bamboo, jute, sisal...) can also be chosen with confidence, as they are resistant. Of course, you can also opt for wool, which is ideal for preventing slipping. Synthetic fibers also have their place. They're hard-wearing, easy to care for and less expensive.

Of course, you'll also need to measure your hallway to find the ideal size. A good carpet will cover most of the hallway, but will leave a small gap at the sides (around 30 cm).

Hallway rugs: a decorative touch for your home

It's time to talk style. Even if you like light colors, don't forget that hallway carpets see a lot of foot traffic and therefore get dirty very quickly. So it's best to opt for darker shades so you don't have to wash your carpet too often.

If your hallway is very dark, however, this is not the best choice. You can opt for a beautiful beige (an intermediate color) with dark patterns.

You'll also need to match your rug to the design of the place you're visiting. Take a look at your decor and opt for a shade that goes well with your walls (blue walls go wonderfully with cool tones, for example). If the walls are bare, you can liven things up (and add a touch of originality) with a colorful patterned rug. Is your hallway all white? Plant motifs will add a classic touch. Geometric patterns add modernity. For an ethnic design, opt for rugs made from characteristic fibers. Don't forget that the more refined your hallway decor, the more original the rug can be.

Finally, it's also worth thinking about the interior of your home as a whole. A hallway is a link between different rooms (bedroom, living room, kitchen...). It can therefore act as a decorative transition between these two areas of the house. Have fun recalling the main colors of the two rooms in the patterns of the rug.

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