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The different types of storage available

In this department, you'll find cubes, wall shelves, double or triple bookcases, glazed, asymmetrical, pivoting, columnar, horizontal or vertical. Models are available in a variety of materials, including pine, waxed or unwaxed oak, lacquered or unlacquered, metal, ash, teak, acacia... and in a wide range of colors. You'll find everything you need to display and showcase objects and books, and to decorate and divide your rooms, for example with bookcases open on both sides... The shelves are removable and adjustable, so that our designer bookcases can be adapted to your every need.

Are you looking to furnish your home and don't know what furniture to choose for your bedroom, living room or office? Why not choose a bookcase? It's perfect for small spaces as well as large ones, and offers plenty of storage space.

Furnishing a small room

Furnishing a small room can quickly become a game of Tetris if you don't buy the right furniture.

Find a wide selection of furnishings ideal for furnishing a room without encroaching on living space.

Whatever the mood of your home, or the room in which an element is missing, you'll have a multitude of possibilities to find the bookcase you need: in wood for a country or antique feel, in metal for a more modern, industrial decor...

Several shelves are available, in sizes to suit small volumes, whether floor-standing or wall-mounted, so you can gain storage space without losing room. Whether you opt for a single shelf, one with compartments or one with a door, it's up to you to decide what you prefer.

Opting for a column is also a very good solution when the room is not very large or when you need to furnish it at a higher level.

To furnish a medium-sized room

You have much more scope for furnishing a medium-sized room. You may prefer to install only wall units (such as a shelf) to hold your knick-knacks if you're primarily looking to decorate your walls, but you should know that beautiful bookcases are available to nicely fill your favorite room!

Here too, the choice of material depends on your personal taste and the style of your interior. A combination of two materials is also possible, resulting in beautiful decorative elements.

Multi-level furnishings, with or without drawers and doors... There's plenty of choice to make sure your home is decorated in the best possible taste.

For high-volume parts

In these rooms, anything goes! If your budget allows, furniture at all price points is available.

If your room has a large surface area, why not install a bookcase with lots of character? Choose one in solid wood, for example: cherry, pine, oak or even mango, characteristic or lacquered or painted white or black... The possibilities are endless!

And why not get one with a ladder, to adopt the atmosphere of the films and cartoons of yesteryear? It'll give your room a completely different feel, making it more welcoming and inviting, with beautiful books, decorative objects and even plants.

If you want to dress up the corners of your rooms, a corner cabinet is a feasible solution and available in the selection.

Of course, home delivery is available for all large furnishings, and you can check the number of stars (corresponding to quality ratings) the products have received before you buy.

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