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Night valet: a decorative garment rack

A valet de nuit is a wooden storage rack for preparing your outfit for the next day. It consists of a rigid hanger to hold a jacket or shirt without wrinkling it, a horizontal bar for pants and, sometimes, a shoe compartment. Night stand in wood, metal or aluminum: this small piece of furniture makes everyday life easier. Home-delivered designer storage accessory.

Perhaps you're a fan of fully organized design, or you simply like clean, tidy spaces. Then it's important to define the function you want your valet or clothes rack to perform. To make sure you don't make a mistake, ask yourself the right questions first. Especially as these practical objects are sometimes a successful marriage between a clothes rack and a wall shelf.

Tips for choosing a valet or clothes rack

First and foremost, it's time to think about what's the best option for you! Do you have enough space in your home to install a wardrobe? Will it be used on a daily basis? Will it need to be moved frequently? Will it be used to store shoes or other accessories?

When it comes to dimensions, it's best to anticipate your future needs. It would be a shame to be disappointed after a few months by a model that has become too small, and therefore unsuitable.

In a loft-style home, it's easy to transfer a clothes rack from the bedroom to the bathroom. In this case, castors are preferable, even for daily use. Fixed valets remain indispensable for children's bedrooms, or if they are not intended to be moved from one place to another.

Night stands and valets are convenient utilities. They are no longer confined to bedrooms or entrances, but are now used in offices, balconies and bathrooms.

Nowadays, some are multi-functional. They can be used both as a bedside valet and as a clothes rack. Others represent the ideal marriage between a wall shelf and a clothes rack. What's more, hooks, shelves and coat racks can be added as you wish.

Tendency towards clean, tidy spaces

Secondly, it's essential to choose the style of easel that suits the design of your home. If your home is contemporary and exudes a certain warmth, classic solid wood easels with a cosy ambience are sure to please.

On the contrary, you shun the superfluous and praise simplicity. The chrome metal style is for you. In this quest for minimalism, some racks have been combined with a shelf or storage box. To save floor space, choose a suspended model in white or black, which will add a touch of originality.

Children don't always rhyme with tidiness! But a valet can be a fun and educational addition to any bedroom. What's more, some models are reminiscent of nature-inspired hues. It's never too early to teach little ones to tidy up like grown-ups!

The decorating trend has revisited the use of bedside cupboards and valets, which have left the space dedicated to them. Contemporary and modern homes and apartments are designed to be more functional. Today's design is entirely organized thanks to these beautiful, well-thought-out utilities. It can be fun to store everyday objects in a very different and unexpected location.

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