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Wide choice of cabinets, from 1 to 4 doors

This department offers wood and metal wardrobes, with 1 or 2 swing or sliding doors. Online sales of sturdy, easy-to-assemble kit wardrobes: mirror wardrobes, corner wardrobes with hanging space and shoe racks. Storage furniture in all sizes and for all decorating styles, from rustic solid oak wardrobes to contemporary bamboo dressers. For a tidy bedroom and clothes and blankets that always look their best. Fast home delivery.

Have you just moved in and are looking for the ideal storage unit? A wardrobe is an essential piece of furniture for storing clothes, everyday objects or office items. Your choice of wardrobe depends on a number of criteria: size, number and type of storage units included, and the style and ambience you're looking for.

Drawer or closet: a wardrobe to suit your needs

The low cabinet is perfect if you need an occasional piece of furniture for your hallway, bedroom or office. Most often made up of two doors with shelves, you'll be able to store a few items away from prying eyes. Its size also allows you to fit a pocket divider or decorative elements on the top. Do you have a tall cupboard, but not enough storage space? You can add a low cabinet to give all your belongings a place. You can also opt for a set comprising a low cabinet (buffet or chest of drawers style) and a high cabinet from the same collection, for a harmonized interior design and optimized storage.

The tall cupboard is a classic piece of storage furniture. With 2, 3 or even 4 doors, it comes in several sizes to suit your needs and offer maximum storage. The tall unit is highly versatile, as it can be fitted with a closet with sliding or swinging doors, drawers (usually in the lower section), mirrors and shelves. So you have a wide range of solutions for finding the wardrobe that will make your daily life easier.

Do you need a functional wardrobe but don't have a lot of space? There are wardrobes with mixed compositions to best suit your interior. You can opt for a cabinet composed of a panel and a column with shelves, or a cabinet combining a closet and a low drawer unit. These cabinet examples offer you storage space in a more airy style.

Styles and colors: a wardrobe to enhance your room

Cabinets also come in a range of materials and colors to suit everyone's taste. For a vintage feel, cabinets in cane and solid oak are ideal. If you prefer a more antique style, all-wood cabinets (such as pine) with aged handles will add character to your room. Are you a fan of industrial style? Then opt for a dark-colored metal cabinet.

When buying furniture, price is also a criterion. For this, the choice of material can be decisive: solid oak, walnut, imitation wood, metal. Furniture is available in different colors (depending on stock availability) for the same model: white, light or dark wood, gray, black.

The wardrobe is therefore an everyday object which, thanks to the diversity of existing models, can be adapted to all your criteria: use, price, style, size. Beyond its practical dimension, the color and material you choose make your wardrobe a decorative asset. Have you found the perfect wardrobe for your room? Then all you have to do is place your order for delivery direct to your home.

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