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The vacuum bag for storage

To protect a suit from moths or optimize closet storage space, the vacuum bag is indispensable. Going on a trip or moving house? Vacuum bags help save space in your suitcase. The vacuum is created using a vacuum cleaner. Once compressed, anoraks, comforters and pillows take up 3 to 5 times less space. Linen remains impeccable.

We all want to save space. One of the easiest ways to do this is to keep things tidy. And for optimal storage, there's a tried-and-tested solution: the storage cover. They offer numerous advantages and are the perfect way to protect your belongings when you're not using them.

The ideal storage bag

Whether you want to store clothes or a comforter no longer needed for the season, it's important to find the right solution. You can also store baby's things, shoes, bed linen, towels or tea towels? Of course, there's always the cupboard, which can store a lot of stuff. But it doesn't prevent dust and unpleasant odors, and when the items are large, it can't hold much.

To save space, you'll need a vacuum bag (also known as a Compactor or compression bag). The principle is very simple. When you need to store a huge comforter, you put it in the bag. Then, using a vacuum cleaner, you empty the air from the bag. Once the air has been expelled, the linen is compressed and its dimensions are greatly reduced. This means you can store more items in less space. This works with all types of laundry. So you can store your winter gear, down jacket included, without filling your wardrobe.

This type of product is extremely successful, and a glance at the ratings and reviews is enough to convince you.

The practical storage bag

Space saving is not the only advantage of these covers. By enveloping your belongings, they prevent dust from settling, keeping your laundry cleaner. They're also an excellent choice for keeping laundry dry. Bad odors and mildew are thus avoided.

Storage bags come in a range of sizes to suit every need, from the smallest for a few T-shirts to the largest for a thick comforter. Transparent plastic models are generally available, making it easy to see the contents of the bag. You can vary the pleasures by adopting certain colored covers (black, for example), which can also prove very useful for identifying at a glance the type of contents (you associate such and such a color with such and such a type of linen). There are also opaque storage bags (with attractive patterns, for example) if you prefer to conceal their contents. Available individually or in sets, these storage bags protect your linen and save space in your wardrobes. They can also be stored under the bed or in the garage.

You can complete your storage accessories with shoe bags, very practical for keeping your beloved pairs in the best possible place. You can also opt for moth-proof covers, ideal for keeping your laundry looking its best, or scented to give your linen a pleasantly clean scent. The cover can also be fitted to a rack.

The various covers available to optimize your storage are perfect for protecting your clothes and other linen. They're a cost-effective solution that'll do you a world of good for optimal storage. You won't want to do without them!

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