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All the advantages of a modular walk-in wardrobe

Even better than a wardrobe, a modular dressing room adapts to your storage needs, whatever the size of your room. Installed in a bedroom or in a dedicated space, the elements are designed to save you space so you can store all your belongings in an organized way. Among our wide selection of modular dressers, discover first the modules to assemble. With shelves, closets or drawers, depending on the model you choose, you'll have a storage space that's easy to assemble and ready to use. You can also opt for a complete modular dressing room, practical and functional thanks to its dedicated spaces for each type of garment. Ideal in a hallway or recess, a modular dressing room with hanging space lets you hang the whole family's coats and jackets. To personalize your dressing room, discover our entire selection of elements, from pedestals with doors to drawers, shelves and hanging rails. You'll be able to design your ideal walk-in wardrobe with ease. Whether you're looking for a modular dressing room in wood or particleboard, here's a wide range of models to suit your every need.

An absolute dream for lovers of fashion and beautiful clothes, the dressing room is an essential piece of storage furniture. A perfect compromise between a made-to-measure dressing room and a kit dressing room, a modular dressing room lets you store all your fashion pieces, shoes and accessories, keeping them in good condition and allowing you to dress easily thanks to well-organized storage. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider a modular walk-in wardrobe for your home.

The modular walk-in wardrobe: as practical as you like

Modular wardrobes offer a significant advantage over conventional wardrobes: they can be custom-designed to suit your needs and the quantity of clothes you own. In fact, a modular wardrobe can be combined with different pieces of furniture to create a hanging space for your pants, skirts, dresses, jackets and ties. It incorporates tiers for sweaters, summer tops and shirts. Drawer dividers can be added to store lingerie and underwear. The modular dressing room knows almost no limits.

Tailor-made storage space

Another undeniable advantage of the modular walk-in wardrobe is its ability to adapt to a more or less restricted space. Unlike a wardrobe, which will need a good section of wall to be installed and will therefore take up just as much space, the modular dressing room is designed to be installed even in the most cramped of places, in the corner of a bedroom for example. Since it's totally versatile, it can also be used as a closet, coat rack or shoe rack. By optimizing space both lengthwise and heightwise, you can gain maximum storage space.

A dressing room that blends in with any decorating style

Dressing rooms can be made from a variety of materials. It is often made of oak, a hard-wearing material. Another advantage of wood is that it can be left unfinished for a distinctive Scandinavian-style look, or painted in a variety of colors from white to black. You can also customize your dressing room by adding lighting at strategic points, such as on your watch or jewelry display. Open or closed dressing room, it's up to you to judge the stylish effect you want to bring to your interior.

Where to install your dressing room?

In a world of fashions victims, there would be a room entirely dedicated to dressing. But since this isn't always possible, the walk-in closet can be installed in a bedroom or other dedicated space. It can also be installed in a hallway, with shallow shelving. The underside of a staircase or an attic room can also be ideal, easily accessible locations. For obvious reasons, dressing rooms should not be installed near the kitchen or bathroom, as they are far too damp for clothes to be stored properly.

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