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The comforter

How to choose a comforter? Just as important as a mattress or box spring, comforters and blankets ensure a comfortable night's sleep. How to choose a comforter for a good night's sleep? What type of blanket to use in winter, in summer, for baby? This bedding boutique offers comforters and blankets for all 4 seasons, as well as fleece plaids, quilts, bedspreads and blankets with sleeves. For easier care of your bedding, see also our mattress protectors, comforter covers and matching sheet sets.

Find the comforter of your dreams with over 400 references and more than 40 brands on the La Redoute website. We can't wait to cocoon in it at night, and find it hard to get out in the morning! The bed is our resting place, and the comforter, cozy and soft, envelops us in softness, comfort and warmth. At La Redoute, you're sure to find the model to suit all your needs and desires!

Finding the best comforter for the whole family

Comforters can be filled with goose or duck feathers, linen, silk, wool or polyester. Several quilts are available: wave, piping, longitudinal, square, diamond, etc. Your site offers products with different warmth ratings, depending on your room temperature and the season. You can also choose from a range of weights, depending on whether you prefer a heavy or light comforter. Different comforter sizes are available, whether for 1 or 2 people, for a baby or a child. La Redoute makes it easy for you to find the right comforter for your needs by giving you the size equivalents. If you're dreaming of a luxurious, hotel-style comforter with enveloping loft, discover our models and their attractive prices. And because your health is paramount, many of our comforters are hypoallergenic for impeccable hygiene. Now that you know where to find the best comforter for the whole family, you can rest easy. Thanks to this great selection, you're sure to find the comforter you need!

The advantages of buying a comforter on La Redoute

On La Redoute, the comforter comparator helps you define your preferences and find out which comforter is right for you. Highlight your criteria of choice to refine your search and have access to products that suit you. Thanks to the opinions of our loyal customers, who comment on value for money, product quality, comfort and service, you can make an informed choice. We also offer care advice and a selection of machine-washable products. Order online and benefit from fast home or relay point delivery, as well as express delivery for a large number of products. And if you're not satisfied, you have 30 days to change your mind and return your comforter free of charge. La redoute offers regular white sales, flash sales, outlets, promotions and discounts to help you save considerably. You can pay in several instalments free of charge, and your credit card payments are protected.

La Redoute doesn't take your sleep lightly!

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