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Unlike a typical comforter, the filling of a synthetic comforter is not made of feathers, but of polyester. Machine-washable, synthetic comforters dry faster than down.

A good comforter is essential for a good night's sleep. It offers protection from the cold, but shouldn't be too warm either. There are heavy, warm comforters, but also comforters that are lighter and cooler.

Synthetic comforter filling

Synthetic comforters are filled with non-characteristic products. By definition, characteristic products are feathers, down, silk, cotton or wool. A synthetic comforter is filled with polyester. This is a plastic material that makes the comforter extremely comfortable. It is much softer than some other models.

There are two main types of fibre used to fill a synthetic comforter:

  • Insulating polyester products: based on tergal or dacron. These comforters offer a remarkable quality of touch.
  • Some comforters are made from bamboo wool or silk for a surprising, yet delicious feel.

Easy to maintain

A polyester comforter is easy to care for. It's machine-washable and dries much faster than other comforters. Should stains appear on your comforter, cleaning products can be used to easily remove them. Synthetic fibers are easier to clean.

Optimum ventilation

This type of comforter is also characterized by good ventilation. It's important that this element of your bedding can breathe. In this way, moisture is evacuated and your comforter won't be damaged by excessive sweating.

There are synthetic summer and winter comforters, so you can have bedding that suits your bedroom temperature and respects your sleeping needs. Those accustomed to sweating at night will appreciate lighter-weight models. Models with square quilting guarantee a more airy product. If you're a little chilly, you'll prefer a higher-density comforter for a cozy night's sleep.

Ideal for allergy sufferers

The synthetic comforter benefits from treatments that combat the development of dust mites and bacteria. It's the ideal comforter for people allergic to dust mites. They'll enjoy a much softer night's sleep with a synthetic comforter.

Dress your synthetic comforter in style

Enhance the style of your bedroom by fitting your synthetic comforter with a carefully finished cover. A range of covers is available, some with high-tech fibers that promote thermoregulation during sleep. Take a look at our selection of matching pillowcases.

An affordable product

The advantage of synthetic comforters is their affordability. Quality is a given, especially when it comes to comfort. Some duvets have an amazing feel. It's even possible to find synthetic comforters that feel like down.

Children's comforter

Discover our children's comforter models. Comforters made from synthetic fibers guarantee a good level of warmth. They're also easy to care for, which is a plus when you consider that children can be quite clumsy or have little accidents at night.

A wide choice of comforter covers is available to dress up your child's comforter. As well as adding style to the bedroom, they protect the comforter in the event of an accident.

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